DoktorKu is build on the Empatix framework.

eMPATIX Software have been developed since 1997

The premium software, developed by the unique Norwegian eMPATIX team - customized by Indonesian masters and blessed by users.

eMPATIX is a framework for creating efficient processes with the aid of a Web interface. Web is the perfect way to create efficient processes.The customer has access free of charge and everyone is able to use the system with a minimum of training.

eMPATIX is not limited to a specific browser. It works on all types of browsers, including Firefox, Opera or Safari. eMPATIX is also not limited to anyone operative system. eMPATIX works equally as well on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android or Symbian. eMPATIX utilizes the browser as much as possible but will always comply with the standards. We especially take advantage of keyboard shortcuts, making eMPATIX very efficient to use.

eMPATIX is also an approach to processes. A common denominator for most companies and organizations is that they consist of a number of processes which extend across divisions and organizational units. eMPATIX gives high priority to the process regardless of the participant, making certain that data is registered only one time and can be used again in all other modules. eMPATIX as a system is designed with this in mind; all of the modules are interrelated and communicate with one another.This process-oriented approach has been developed over more than 10 years' time in companies such as Telenor, WebOn and Opera Software. The approach has been used very successfully by customers such as TollPost Globe, Nokia and Motorola.

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