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Me, writing this is from Europe, and on the 2 places i work when

i am back home in Europe, we got fiber access just before Christmas 2013. Both places we have 1000 mb. If we have 10 mb or 1000 dont have any impact on my daily work, i only feel that when need to down or upload lager amount of data.

But what i do remember best is last time one of down time. i think that was October 2012...

But back to Indonesia, last down time, yesterday or one hour ago or just now. Who knows, it happens all the time, we just get used to delay or waiting.

How does this impact on and a cloud system that needs internet connection to work?

Some of my question is:

  • How many mobile devices do you have?
  • How many different telecomunnication operators do you use?
  • And how often is all down at same time?
Most of the Indonesian people i meet, use 2 phones or more + the fixed data connection on office. Today you can also get very cheep internet modems and routers using GPRS, edge, 2 or 3G or even 3,5 g as some one call it.
Yes all can of course be down, but not very often, so as long as you have 2 or more devices with different internet connection, you can still work as normal.
DoktorKu is customized to work on slow lines so whatever connection you have will work. If very slow lines we ofcourse recomend you to use a browser that as effctive as possible to compact the data must be transferd. Please see how to install Opera mini on your device.

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