With Empatix Medical Purchase order module you can send and receive POs between head office and outlets (medical centers) in your organization. POs as can be emailed or faxed, or integrated with the supplier's IT system so everything can be done electronically.


Only employees with specific access level can create and send purchase orders.

It is easy and user-friendly to create a PO.

You start by selecting a supplier: you get a list of all products you have selected from that supplier. You then indicate the quantity of each product you want to purchase and click the Create PO button.

You then get a new page with the purchase order data, and can change data like supplier or quantity before you save, send or print.

If you want to send the PO to another department in your organization, simply select the department from a dropdown menu.

In this process, you can see, of course, how much you have of each product.


Sending a purchase order using Empatix Medical depends on type of supplier, local agreement, and other factors.

Each purchase order can be printed, signed by one or several and then faxed to the correct supplier.

If a valid email is connected to the supplier, the purchase order can be sent by clicking on the Send Purchase order button. The sender and the exact time the supplier reads the PO are logged in the system.

If electronically integration with the supplier's order system, press the button Send Electronic.

If you want to send the Purchase order electronic to your supplier (if that is set up as a possibility in the system), other data like your customer number will be asked for in a part of the process.

Which process you choose depends on local regulations.

Electronic purchase order flow


Purchase orders can be sent electronically to other departments and the head office if your organization uses Empatix Medical.

You create the purchase order the same way. You must select the correct supplier to ensure that each purchase order contains only products from one supplier. On the purchase order head, you press the Select Supplier button and choose the correct department from a selection list. After saving the document, you can press the button Send Electronic and the purchase order is automatically registered as an incoming order in the other department/head office order system.

The status of the order on the receiver's side will be updated on your purchase order.

All activity is logged and it is easy to verify who has done what and when.

No data in Empatix Medical can be deleted, but a user, purchase order or examination order can be sent to RIP (rest in peace) or made inactive. Only Empatix support can make an inactive document active again.

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