Empatix Medical has a variety of solutions to ensure that your product management is as easy as possible, but at same time gives you full control of your stock, purchases and sales prices. You can use existing products in the system, or you can create your own.

For products from the central database--we call it the Global Products List--we are working to make the purchasing process as easy as possible for suppliers. We also define services such as laboratory tests and examinations as products. You can easily select what types of lab tests and examinations you will offer your patients/clients.

Products, services and tests are classified as:

  • Examinations
  • Lab reports
  • Operation/Treatment
  • Global and local pharmacy products
  • Global and local prescription-based medicine
  • Global and local equipment


In the Global Products List, you find prescription-based medicine, other pharmacy products, medical equipment, laboratory tests and examination types. With one click, you copy the products you use to your local product database.

Empatix Medical is continually trying to make good deals with professional suppliers in Indonesia and integrate with their IT systems just to make ordering as easy as possible for you.

Empatix medical Global Product list


If you do not find the products you need in the Global Products List, you can create what you need in your local product database. You can also connect these products to suppliers to make purchasing simpler.

On the Inventory List, we display all products you make available for your business. On this list you can easily maintain your sales prices and other data of interest.

Empatix Medical Local product


EMPATIX MEDICAL is continually adding examination types, so you just pick those that fit your practice, whether you are a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, psychiatrist or other health care provider.

If you perform examination types not listed in the Global Products List, just send an email to and we will create the type(s) you desire within 48 hours (two business days).


Laboratory Tests work the same way as examination types. Empatix Medical is striving to integrate separate laboratories and make automatic the document flow between your laboratory and your examination form/patient report journal.

If you perform laboratory tests not listed in the Global Products List, just send an email to and we will create the test(s) within 48 hours (two business days).

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