Empatix medical record can be made available to specific personal based on configuration in each installation..

Empatix Medical Records are sorted on :

                  Medical records (perform by certified doctors)

   o  Journal

   o  Diagnoses

   o  Prescribed medicine

   o  Laboratory reports

   o  Picture and files 

Dentist records

   o  Journal

Psychiatrist records


Other Therapists

   o  Journal

Empatix Medical Records can be configured several different ways or in a combination of those, deepening on regulations and needs.

1.   Empatix Medical only available to the doctor that perform that specific examination

2.   Empatix Medical records available for all doctors in that specific organization

a.  On that specific medical center

b.  On all medical center in the organization

3.   Empatix medical records available to performing doctor and the patient and the patient can delegate access to whatever doctor he/she want

4.       All Empatix medical records are available for all doctor with correct access level.


5.       Empatix medical records are available for doctors with access to the patients E-health card


All access is logged, and data like user id, IP address, date and time, browser type etc. is saved.

Medical records

The old way

or the

DoktorKu way?

Empatix Medical Record Search

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