All you need is

  • a computer, cell phone or electronic pad with internet connection
  • a username and password

Log in with your computer, cell phone or electronic pad

  • We take care of servers and backups

Pay a small monthly fee for per doctor/therapist

Secretaries, cashiers, receptionists, finance and product managers use Empatix Medical free of charge.

Online, All the Time

Forget about buying expensive new hardware or hiring an IT consultant. DoktorKu`s web-based medical system only requires a basic computer Pad or Phone and an internet connection. We'll take care of the rest from data security to our automatic updates, scheduled at night to avoid disruption.

You can login to DoktorKu anywhere you have access to the internet. We make absolutely sure that your connection has the highest level of security, so you can access your account from home, from the office even while traveling.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you always have access to this data. Servers located in the most secure envirement just outside Indonesia.

Signing up for DoktorKu only takes seconds, so you can get in and start today. Quick guides and support avaliable.

Total value of each examination/appointment is clearly displayed, together with details reports, summaries and easy invoicing functions..


Go Online, let your patients book appointments with you online.

Empatix Medical is customized to work on slow lines using mobile phones. If you use and old mobile phone with a standard browser, you get a customized user interface with use of minimum amount of KB. If you use a TAB or PC you will get another user interface.

Empatix Medical on Mobile devices
We take care of servers and backups Join Now!