Empatix Medical is a Cloud-based medical system for

  • Doctors
  • Medical clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Other health care providers
Empatix Medical covers a variety of medical services.
Cloud based system for solo medical practitioners to complex medical centers and hospitals, with common purchasing policy, mix of services and hundreds of doctors, dentists, masseurs, psychologists, physical therapists, and other health professionals. Empatix Medical is also available to pharmacies, laboratories and other health care providers.


To provide medical clinics, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers with a safe, high quality system that improve medical service to the general population and increases earnings for the users.


Empatix Medical will be recognized internationally as a leader in the transformation of healthcare systems, and chosen for the quality and value of services we provide.

Vision and Mission for Doktorku

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